Episode 43 - Season 3- Debunk Me If You Can (Frank Abagnale fools us all)

December 22, 2022 Season 3 Episode 43
Episode 43 - Season 3- Debunk Me If You Can (Frank Abagnale fools us all)
Show Notes

It's Season THREE of SCAMTIME! A podcast where your hosts Stephanie Wolfe and Karen Johnson-Diamond share stories of liars, cheaters, hoodwinkers and swindlers, not to mention scoundrels, dirtbags, bamboozlers and toeheads.  We are not investigative journalists , though at times we have played the part of investigative journalists in our daily lives as actor/improvisers.

Thanks to a listener named Karen (EXcellent name...) we bring you today's episode that  might even be more fun/heartbreaking to listen to if you listen to Episode #8 first. You can find that here:  Frank and Dave: What happened?

Listener Karen
seemed to know that we, as hosts , rarely have our fingers of the pulse of recent happenings. So she clued us into the updates about Frank Abagnale Jr. of "Catch Me If You Can" fame.

No Money Christmas!

Whose side is Karen on?

Flying Plane Guy!

Hair dye allergies!

Here are some links to help this episode make sense:

Frank Abagnale on "To Tell The Truth"

Alan C Logan's book that challenges Frank in every way:
The Greatest Hoax On Earth: Catching Truth While We Can

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