The Return of SCAMTIME! Season 4! Episode 46 (Geek Squad and Stephanie's spam emails)

August 08, 2023 Season 4 Episode 6
The Return of SCAMTIME! Season 4! Episode 46 (Geek Squad and Stephanie's spam emails)
Show Notes

Well Stephanie and Karen went away, but scams sure didn't. We're always going to tell you about them, but probably not as frequently as before.  Join us for our first episode in...forever.

It's Season FOUR of SCAMTIME! A podcast where your hosts Stephanie Wolfe and Karen Johnson-Diamond share stories of liars, cheaters, hoodwinkers and swindlers, not to mention scoundrels, dirtbags, bamboozlers and toeheads.  We are not investigative journalists , though at times we have played the part of investigative journalists in our daily lives as actor/improvisers.

In this episode: Karen shares a scam that a friend of hers experienced right before her very eyes. Stephanie should REALLY FILL OUT THE CVS SURVEY!!!!

Horror westerns!

Hallmark movies!

Samurai knives!

All the names scammers call Stephanie!

Every email to Stephanie:

"Dear Client,At CVS, we are constantly trying to improve our service and would like to hear your feedback on how we performed.The survey is short and will only take 2 minutes to complete.And Of Course there's a $90 promo reward to you After FinishingTake surveyWe appreciate your partnership and collaboration".

Here are some links to help this episode make sense:

Project Six Shooter

Catfish- the TV show

Hallmark movies

SCAMTIME would like to thank the Alberta Podcast Network. Locally grown, community supported. After many years of serving small Albertan podcasts like ours, The APN has come to an end. They did a lot for us and we appreciate them so much

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